How to prepare for your session?

As Soon As You Confirm Your Headshot 

Begin the beautification process – hairdresser, manicure, dental hygienist, etc.  If you’d like to book a professional make-up artist, this needs to be done ASAP.

Start to think about your wardrobe.  If in doubt, consider making an appointment with a professional image consultant (we are happy to recommend a few).

Be on the look-out for professional headshots that you like (in magazines, online, etc.).  Bring these to your session – they will be a great starting point.

Countdown to your shoot: One week to go 

On the week leading up to your shoot you should make sure that your clothes have been pressed and hung up on a coat hanger to air and get rid of any creases. It is also worth having a dress rehearsal to make sure the clothes you bring still fit comfortably. 

You may want to do a little shopping (remember to keep the tags on so you can return them after the shoot).

Countdown to your shoot: The Day Before

If you are travelling to the studio check where you are going and how long it will take you to get there.  Print our PDF map (which also has our contact details) should you be running late or get lost and need to call us.

Print our “Headshot Essentials: What to bring checklist” and lay out everything you need to bring. Don’t forget product props that you would like to be photographed with, such as CD’s, DVD’s or a copy of your book.

Countdown to your shoot: The Evening Before 

Drink plenty of water before your session. Hydrated skin looks much healthier than dry skin. Try to avoid alcohol and fatty foods and aim to get a good sleep.  This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it’s really important as the more rested you are, the better you’ll look.

Countdown to your shoot: The Day Of

Plan to arrive at the studio 15 minutes before your shoot so you have time to relax and gather your thoughts.  Don’t panic if you get caught up in traffic or run late, just give us a call to let us know.

If we are going to your location, try to avoid book-ending your session with any stressful meetings. Again keep hydrated with water and try not to drink too much coffee.

Now, Relax…

We want you to be relaxed and in the best possible space for your session.  This will enable us to focus on making you shine and capturing the very best images of you.

Our session is structured to create a visual marketing tool that will help you stand out and attract new opportunities.  We do this by getting you into “your zone” where you are comfortable and relaxed, and where every shot is a winner.  We will direct and guide you towards what will become a captivating headshot tailored specifically for you and the messages you want to communicate.

On Arrival At The Studio (or at your location)

The first thing we do when you arrive at the studio is to go through your “Branding Consultation” so that we are clear on your objectives and the message you want to communicate.

We’ll then have a look at your wardrobe and choose the styles and colors that suit you, that meet your needs and that look awesome on camera. Next up is hair and make-up.  You can either do this yourself or book a professional make-up artist.

1st Shots

When you’re ready we’ll get you in front of the camera and take a few shots to see how you photograph. We’ll also be guiding you on how to pose properly and tell you the top secret tips all the celebrities use to look fantastic on camera.

More Camera Time

We then get you back in front of the camera and start to build your headshot portfolio. This is where we’re different to other photographers as we work hard at getting you into your zone, drawing on your personality. Slowly building each shot as we go along by making tiny changes and adjustments that turn good shots into ones which will have you saying “WOW! I look amazing!” There’s no a limit to the number of shots we take. We shoot till we feel we’ve got each look covered. Typically we’ll do a selection of wide and upright shots. Depending on your session type we can also do some half and 3/4 length shots as well as some candid “action” shots and product poses.

Wardrobe Changes

Depending on your session type we’ll aim to shoot a selection of looks in different outfits. We like to give everyone a wide range of looks so that you are able to use multiple shots for different marketing purposes.

What Happens Next?

Choosing Your Winners

We’ll go through each shot and mark the winners for the shortlist.  These will be candidates for marketing yourself (and possibly a few fun ones that we couldn’t bring ourselves to delete!).  We want your shoot to be filled with amazing shots.  We have no problem taking an excessive amount of pictures in order to get the one that will open doors for you.

Your Gallery

After your shoot we will send you a contact sheet for you to make a selection (usually within 48h).  Feel free to share with friends, colleagues or family members who can help you choose the shots.


Once you’ve chosen your final shots we will do some minor editing.  We don’t offer heavy retouching as we believe your professional headshot should look like you. We will however accommodate minor Photoshop edits.  Turnaround for edits is usually 3-4 working days.

Image Delivery

Once edited we will email you a link to a Dropbox folder where you will be able to download the images onto your computer.  Images will be supplied to you as high resolution digital jpeg files for print marketing as well as low resolution versions for online web use. We will also supply a square crop for your LinkedIn & Twitter profiles. These images are yours to use whenever and wherever you want.

How to upload your pictures

You have your amazing new headshot and now it’s time to show it off.  We can guide you on how to upload your profile picture onto different social platforms.

Headshot uses

There are over 40 uses for your professional headshot. Please feel free to suggest others.

  • Printed on your business cards
  • Use it with your marketing material
  • Your professional networking profile image (LinkedIn, Ecademy, Xing, Plaxo, Twitter etc.)
  • Include in a press releases
  • Place it on your newsletter
  • On a postcard with your USP
  • Put it on your website
  • Use it in your email signature
  • Use it on your CV
  • In your company annual reports
  • In the company directory
  • Employee of the Month
  • Announce Career Accomplishments
  • On the side of your Car or Van
  • Never run an Ad without it
  • Display in you Office 
  • Reception or waiting room
  • In your Corporate Brochure
  • Always accompany articles you write
  • Send out prior to speaking engagements
  • Ever see a politician campaign without a photo?
  • Send copies out to local press
  • As a leave-behind for prospective clients to remember you by
  • Use it to build visual recognition and brand awareness
  • Contacts will more likely remember you with a picture reminder
  • Job applications
  • To help represent you when you can’t be there in person
  • A friendly visage shows you can’t be all bad to do business with
  • Announce your Promotion
  • Dating agency profile
  • One for posterity
  • Crimewatch!
  • Have available before a reporter calls to do a profile on you
  • Do you dance, perform, sing or play music? Use your photo
  • Project it 40ft high on the side of your office building – it will get you noticed
  • Visas
  • Permits
  • Licenses
  • Mugs
  • T shirts
  • Keyfobs
  • Mouse Mats etc.
  • And finally you can always give one to your mother.
Why do you need professional pictures ?

The things you should thinking about are:

  • Why you need a professional headshot? (new website, new opportunity, social media presence, press release, recruitment i.e LinkedIn)
  • When do you need a professional headshot by?
  • What brought this on?
  • Where else do you intend to use your headshots? (i.e. website, business card, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, one pager biography, press releases, book cover, products, roll up banners, email signature, a copy for your mum?  
  • What are the main messages you would like your professional headshot to communicate? (i.e. confidence, approachability, trust, professional, caring, fun, quirky)
  • What’s the very best thing that can happen as a result of having a professional headshot?
  • What will achieving that result mean to you?
  • Have you seen any professional headshot photos that you particularly like the style of? (take examples to show your professional headshot photographer)
  • Do you (or any of your staff) have any particular worries or concerns about being photographed?
  • Would you like to book a professional hair and make up artist for your shoot?
  • Would you like professional image advice?
  • Other things your professional headshot photographer will need to know…
  • What are your current brand colours? (logo, website, etc)
  • What style of photos do you like? (studio, location, posed, candid, colour, black & white)
  • Are you working on any other branding?
  • What are your/your companies core values?
  • Who is your target audience or ideal client you are looking to attract?
  • Are you thinking of writing a book or launching any products (CD, DVD etc) in the near future?
Worries & Concerns

Worries & Concerns

“But I hate having my photo being taken…”

“What about my double chin and crooked teeth?”

“I hate my smile and I always blink…?

“I’m your worst model…”

“I’m the least photogenic person you’ve ever had to photograph…”

You are not alone if you have any worries or concerns about having your photo taken. We must have heard every excuse many times over and know exactly how you feel. Lots of clients feel this way going on their past experiences and often come into the studio feeling nervous and apprehensive about having their photo taken. We differ from other photographers as we’ve developed a process of coaching, direction and a way of engaging with you to help you become confident and comfortable, both in front of the camera and when looking at your close-ups.

The problem is there’s a gap between what we think we look like and how the rest of the world see us. Most people only see their perceived flaws when they look at themselves, even the top supermodels hate things about their appearance. But what we do is to teach you to see past these perceived flaws and look at yourself as others do.  Our images are created with lighting, expression and pose. The only airbrushing we do is to tidy up loose hairs non permanent blemishes, or that random spot which has suddenly decided to appear on the day of your shoot…


Preparation will help achieve the best results.

Think about why you need a professional headshot.  Is it for work?  Is it for fun?  Where will the images be used?  Who will see them?  What emotion do you want to convey? 

Answering these questions will help you get comfortable in front of the camera and also help your photographer better reach your goals.  Here are a few things you should ask yourself before your session:

Using the images 

  • Why you need a professional headshot? (new website, new opportunity, social media presence, press release, recruitment, etc.)
  • Where and how will the images be primarily used? (print, online, social media platforms, etc.)
  • Do you plan to use the images on other supports? (business cards, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, biography, press releases, book cover, products, roll up banners, email signature, etc.)
  • By when do you need the pictures ready?


  • What style of photos do you like? (studio, on-site, posed, candid, color, black & white)
  • Do you have examples of headshots that you like? (Bring them with you!)
  • If for corporate use: What is your color pallet? (company: logo, website, etc.)
  • Are you working on any other branding?
  • What are your core values?

Your audience 

  • What is the main message you would like to communicate? (i.e. confidence, approachability, trust, professionalism, caring, fun, quirky, etc.)
  • Who is your target audience or ideal client?
  • What’s the very best thing that can happen as a result of having a professional headshot?

Other considerations 

  • Would you like to book a professional hair and make up artist for your shoot?
  • Would you like professional image advice?
  • Do you (or any of your colleagues) have any particular worries or concerns about being photographed?